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Registration for 2018-19 school year is NOW OPEN

Based on the criteria on the left, please click on the link on the right hand side of the below table to register 

Returning DBV Family with Three (3) Children - $410
Returning DBV Family with two (2) children - $340
Returning DBV Family with One (1) child - $220
New Family with Three (3) Children
- $460 ($410 + $50 one-time fee)
New Family with Two (2) Children
- $390 ($340 + $50 one-time fee)
New Family with One (1) Child
- $270 ($220 + $50 one-time fee)
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why has the registration cost changed as of 9/5/2018?

A. We uncovered an error in our pricing system that resulted in incorrect price increase.  As a result, we have taken steps to updated our 2018-19 registration fees by lowering the prices by $20 per child.

Q. What happens if I registered my child(ren) before 9/5/2018?

A. You will receive a refund of $20 for each child registered for 2018-19 school year. We will communicate to you directly once we have processed your refund in the upcoming days. 

Q. How do you define a new versus a returning family for registration purpose?

A. New family is any family that has never been a part of the Balvihar organization or has taken a break of one or more year, including in 2017-18 school year.  Returning families are those that were part of the Balvihar organization up to and including 2017-18 school year.

Q. Is there a cost difference in registration prices between a new and returning family?

A. Yes, the new family is charged one-time $50 fee for the family and not by number of kids. This means that the registration fees for one, two, or three kids are same as returning families except the extra $50 for being a new family. For example, a new family with two children will be paying $390 versus a returning family with same number of children paying $340.

Q. Why does the registration fee for Balvihar seem higher compare to previous years?

A. The price increase stems from two factors.  First, the school has mandated use of school approved staff on premises during certain events.  This has resulted in significantly higher operation costs.  Secondly, Balvihar has bundled the cost for culture and language books along with admission for immediate family members to Navaratri/Diwali, Holi and Annual Day events in the registration fees to improve operation and event planing. We believe that Balvihar's value cannot be measured through registration fees.  

Q. What is included in the registration fee?

A. As mentioned earlier, books - both for culture and language classes -- and admission to Balvihar events -- Navaratri, Holi and Annual Day -- are included in the registration fee. The event admission fee is limited to kids and parents. 

Q. Are Youth Group and regular fee structure the same?

A.  Yes, starting this school year, there is no difference in cost for Youth Group members and regular Balvihar members.  Youth Group members and their families are welcome to attend all Balvihar events.  Although Youth Group does not have cost associated with books, there are other costs for the group that organization bears.  As a result, we have streamlined our registration process to have same fee structure for all Balvihar members.

Q. Why does a single child family seem to pay $50 extra compared to per student registration cost for a family with two children?

A. Balvihar has historically offered similar level of discount to families with multiple children.  We have not considered changing that structure in the current year.  

Q. Is there going to be a late fee for registrations?

A.  While we strongly encourage all families to register for the school year prior to Labor Day weekend, we will not be charging additional fees to those who register afterwards.  Please note that no new registrations will be accepted after September 16th, 2018.

For any inquiries please contact Downingtown Balvihar at:

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Phone - (484) 639-9053 

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