Board of Trustees


DBV Board 2021-22

The Board of Trustees provides oversight and guidance for the organization. The Board also functions in the advisory capacity to provide future direction and support for the Balvihar's executive team.


Current Board Members (L to R):

Sameer Jadhav

Ami Shah

Pratibha Srivastava

Ami Patel

Anand Shah





A key figure in the establishment of Downingtown Balvihar is Mr. Vilas Desai (pictured here with his wife Lata Desai). 


Lovingly known as Vilas Uncle, his vision, persistence, and nonstop efforts, supported by his daughter Sujata and son-in-law Ashish Shah, led to the establishment of Downingtown Balvihar in July 2007. He poured his heart and soul into this endeavor so that our children get to know about our great culture and languages. Classes started with just 15 children in Bell Tavern Park. In the Fall of that year, the organization was meeting in school classrooms, and by its third year, over 150 children were attending classes every Sunday.


Vilas Uncle still stops by to visit during events and is an enduring inspiration to Downingtown Balvihar.