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Teachers are the pillars of Downingtown Balvihar who are committed and dedicated to deliver classroom instruction that helps our students learn and grow. They work with both executive team and parents and provide the best experience to the students for their success. Downingtown Balvihar has been privileged to have had several wonderful parent volunteers as teachers over the years. We would not be as successful as we are today if not for the selfless commitment and dedication of our teachers. Each teacher who has devoted his or her time and energy to Downingtown Balvihar has done so without asking for anything in return. Their energy drives Bal Vihar. Despite having numerous personal responsibilities, they have successfully performed their magnificent and voluntary task with grace and amazing dedication in a selfless manner. 


2023-24 Teachers & Mentors List

Amee Chokshi                            

Ami Shah                                   

Ami P. Shah                                

Amisha Modi                              

Amit Dalvi                                 

Amul Shah                                  

Anand Shah                                

Anoop Gopalkrishnan                

Anupama Anne                           

Bimal Patel                                  

Dimple Sharma                          

Govind Karadkhelkar                  

Harshini Vishwanath                  

Hemal Mehta                               

Karishma Sanghvi                       

Kiran Jeswani                            

Mehul Goradia                            

Mohan Parthasarthy                    

Neha Mehta                                 

Neha Shroff                                 

Pallavi Singhal                           

Pratibha Srivastava                     

Priyanka Dixit                             

Rajyalakshmi Chodapaneedi      

Sama Sao                                    

Sandhya Sapra                            

Shefali Goradia                           

Shikha Kaushal                          

Shruti Bhargava                         

Shveta Bansal                            

Shyamal Desai                           

Sonal Rana                                 

Stuti Singh                                 

Tripti Upadhyay                         

Urvashi Patel                              

Veena Madhwani