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DBVYG for COVID relief in India

Please support the Youth Group of Downingtown Balvihar’s campaign to help with COVID relief in India. We will be donating 100% of the funds collected to Sewa International who is providing much needed medical supplies in India. 

Please click below to donate at our GoFundMe page

In these last few days the pandemic has ravaged the cities all the way to the rural parts of India. The virus in India is raging over the people as there is a dire need of medical supplies as a second wave of COVID-19 has struck the country’s people. In the capital Delhi, hospitals are at capacity out of oxygen, and are shutting the door to people in war with this devastating Virus. The situation is so awful that medical centers are using cardboard as beds and doctors are forced to treat people within rickshaws. Several Delhi hospitals tweeted SOS messages over the weekend appealing for oxygen supplies. As of May 1st, India reported 401,993 new cases and 3,523 deaths today. Dead beds are engulfing the open lands as thousands of innocent Indians are cremated each day. 

During these 72 hours of this second wave of COVID in India, each and every second is going by with the thought in each and every one of our group’s minds. “Are our grandparents and relatives okay. Are they too facing these terrible circumstances”. Having relatives with such a devastating situation unfolding around them, the young minds of Downingtown couldn’t take this heartbreak sitting down anymore. As the Downingtown Balvihar Youth Group, we partnered up with Sewa in order to provide relief for the people of India during these unfortunate times. The crisis India is facing is unprecedented for which we require your support. We must fight this global challenge confronting humanity together during this critical time.